The Rosenbaum and FETISH joined to draw the line Maq ID by Rosenbaum, inspiring a young and innovative design for the new office furniture.

Rosenbaum® designer Marcelo Rosenbaum is a design and innovation firm that works with the creative economy, generating original ideas and values uses design as a means to promote, disseminate and value the cultural diversity of Brazil. He has received several important design awards and teaches courses and lectures on important design events in Brazil and worldwide.

The studio Fetish Carolina Armellini and Paulo Biacchi designers, was created with the intention to show the new, create and produce freely. The concept of fetishism is intrinsic to the products we develop, looking for references and meanings beyond the formal and functional for parts. Was recognized in the award of the Brazilian House Museum and awards IF Awards among others.

Rosenbaum and Fetish are developing several works together, giving strength and freedom for creative concepts found in the synergy of their work and especially the union of its purposes.